Fiske i Strömfiske Alsterån
  • Strömfiske Alsterån
    - brown trout fishing in streaming water
  • Lake Våraskruv
  • Lake Hjärtasjön
  • Pike fishing in Alsterån
  • Rent equipment, book a course
    or guidning
Naturreservat Våraskruv

In Uppvidinge municipality there are as many as 20 nature reserves of different character, many within just 10-15 min drive from Vidinge Gård.

Våraskruv, Kärngöl, Skäraskog, Ideboås, Ravinen and many more.

Cykel och vandring Barkahult

Hike / bike along the gravel roads and enjoy the fantastic nature of Småland, peaceful forests, Alsterån stream that flows gently or rushes in the streams.

We are located along Framtidsleden (the Future Trail) which connects to other trails.

We also rent out bikes.

Here you have activities for everyone

From Vidinge Gård there are lots of activities and experiences to fill the holiday with.

We are the perfect place if you love to be out in nature during the day and want to treat yourself to comfortable accommodation and a good bite to eat in the evening.

For those interested in fishing, we offer brown trout fishing in Alsterån and fine lake fishing from a boat in nearby lakes. Here is suitable fishing for everyone.

Nice bike and hiking trails and loops start outside the door. On the day trip you can stop at one of the shelters along the river and have coffee or grill your lunch (packed lunches and coffee are available at Vidinge Gård), firewood is included for guests staying with us.

Take a trip to one of the many nature reserves nearby or maybe you would rather find your own path and place in the tranquil forest, forest bath, listen to the birdsong and just be. We rent lightweight hammocks that can easily be suspended in the forest or in the shelters along the river. Treat yourself to a quiet moment in the silence of the forest or to the murmur of the river.

The surrounding forests are filled with berries and mushrooms and guests staying with us can borrow baskets, buckets and berry pickers for free. It is also possible to dry and freeze your harvest with us.

If you want a little more speed and action on your holiday, you can book a zipline adventure, packraft or why not put together two or more experiences in one great package?

Last but not least, we are in the middle of glasriket - the kingdom of crystal glass kingdom, so do not miss to add a trip to one of the glass factories, our nearest Målerås Glasbruk and Persson & Persson or one of the nice craft places in the kingdom of crystal such as Målerås Leather, Hantverkshuset (the handicraft house) etc. Maybe you want to try creating something yourself at the hot ovens.

Craving a little of each? Combine different activities over a few days. We are happy to help you find a suitable mix!

If you are a group with different interests, you can split up during the day with different activities and then join together in the evening to enjoy Småland's tastiest Shepherd´s Pie and a pint in our cozy Country Pub or outdoor seating / Biergarten maybe in combination with a batch of kubb (cubes, garden game).

Alternatively, you remain seated in a deck chair in the garden, with a good book while the kids run around with Kenny. :-)

We are here for you and we will help you find your way around.

Everyone's favorite, our dog Kenny, is here to welcome our guests, large and small, two- and four-legged

Natur & Kultur fjäril

Nature & Culture

Forest & Land

Flora & Fauna

Rent a hammock


Experience Glasriket

- glas and a lot more -

Visit glass factories and cabins, leather factory and craft houses. Go shopping, watch how the glass is shaped and try glassblowing.

Glasriket is glas and so much more!

Design, culture, history...

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