Nature & Culture

Nature & Culture - Flora & Fauna

Vidinge Gård is located in Uppvidinge which means the upper forest areas.

For those who are interested in nature and culture, there are a lot to experience and many activities here.

Closest from the farm only 800 meters walk along gravel road and through the cow meadow there is a bird tower at Södresjö.

There are many nature reserves, lovely Alsterån with fishing, hiking & biking trails, where you can experience a rich bird life with sea eagles, ospreys and kingfishers, see a deer wading carefully across the river, watch the fox sneaking down to the water, a snake sunbathing on the rocks, the capercaillie that walks on the gravel road and if you are really lucky you may even see a glimpse of the otter or moose.

Havsörn vid Alsterån
Blåbandad jungfruslända
Jungfru Marie nycklar
Sorgmantel fjäril
Rådjur i Alsterån
Snö i Uvaklöva
Uvaklöva ravin
Smedsstugan/Jaktstugan Höneström
Stenmur Barkahult
Träbroar Barkahultströmmen
Ravinen naturreservat
Ekhagen i Våraskruv naturreservat
Bron Alsterfors

Here are cultural landscapes, characterized by small-scale agriculture with cultivation cairns and beautiful stone walls, the farms' manor buildings and often beautiful, well-preserved outbuildings.

Cultural environments interesting for the whole country, so-called national interests, are the area around Granhults church (from the beginning of the 13th century) and homestead and the cultivated landscape at Sävsjö manor (north of Sävsjöström) which began to be used at the time of Christ's birth.

Along the stream Alsterån there are interesting places like Höneström with Smedsstugan / Jaktstugan and Järnladan from the 18th century Orrefors mill where the rare flower

Pulsatilla vernali blooms in the spring. Storefälle with the story of Olaus who in the 19th century by hand built a stone wall of incredible 600 meters, 1-6 m wide, 1 m high stone wall around his torp (cottage).

We are happy to suggest interesting places and tours and can also arrange guided tours. Books can be borrowed to your room and we also have the fantastically beautiful excursion guide "Nature & Culture in Uppvidinge" for sale with lots of beautiful pictures and excursion tips.

Rent a hammock

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Take the nature experience to the next level in a hammock.

A break from fishing, hiking, cycling, berry picking or the culture round is perfectly enjoyed in a hammock.

Whether you have found the perfect completely quiet glade in the forest or want to snooze rocking to the noise of the water at Alsterån or want to mount the hammock in a windbreak, there is hardly anything more soothing than slowly swinging in a hammock.

Crawl together one or two reclining across and just listen to nature, philosophize, meditate or read a book.

Our Hammocks are top quality and really big with room for two if you want to be close.

Fasteners and instructions on how to hang the hammock and lie or sit most comfortably are included. Anyone who wants can also bring a blanket from Vidinge Gård. A perfect complement to the rental bike, coffee basket or to take on a hike.

Fantastic experiences do not have to be complicated!

The hammock is delivered freshly.

Rent Hammock:

Day 1  100,-
Day 2   50,-
Following days 25,- / day