Country pub
Puben på Vidinge Gård

Smålands cosiest country pub

In the white stone building in the garden you will find the cozy country pub.

In here we serve hearty food, snacks & drinks for our lodging guests and on the evenings when we have open for public, mainly during summer and on special occasions, groups, after work etc

Local craft beer from small brewery Emmaboda runs through from the taps. A large selection of tasty craft beer and cider from the experimenthappy Emmaboda brewery is also available in bottles.

Of course there is also a lof of other bewerages to choose from as well as a generous, varied alcoholfree asortement.

In the garden just outside the pub there is a lovely out door service area/beergarden.

In the same building as the pub, there are two adjoining rooms which makes the facility perfect for parties, dinner for groups, conference weekends, lectures or concerts.

Puben i månsken
Schneider weissbier i baren
Mysiga puben
Fisketräff i puben

Conference - Party

The large room in the pub/conference can change shape as needed, between conference room, partyroom, christmas dinner to dance room and we also arrange live music nights in here.

Konferens festlokal

Live music

On occasion we have also arranged live music. We have PA system.

Live musik Pat Reedy
Live musik Pat Reedy
Live i trädgården Svante Sjöblom Micke Björck
Live i puben Joshua Ray Walker & Willy Tea Taylor
Live konsert Hannah Aldridge
Blues i puben Svante Sjöblom Micke Björck
Live Pat Reedy & the longtime goners
Live country Joshua Ray Walker
Hannah Aldridge live
Flugbindning i pub/konferens


In a smaller room between the pub and the great room is a good place for a separate diningcompany, tables for buffet or like here, the perfect spot for the fly tying buddies.