Bike & hike

Bike & hike

Starting from Vidinge Gård, there are nice cycle and hiking trails where all or most of the stretch goes along gravel roads and paths.

Here on the page there is a selection of some interesting tours, but it is of course possible to find your own paths.

We are happy to help our guests with maps, shows and tips on roads and excursion destinations.

You will find the nature reserves on a separate page.

If you do not have your own bike, we have some bikes in different sizes for rent.

Feel free to contact us beforehand and we will see if we have what fits.

Loops from the lodge

Starting from Vidinge Gård, there are several nice loops of different lengths.

Småländska skogen
Barn & hundvänligt
Pelle Klippinge vandring längs Alsterån

Tours along the Alsterån

Along the beautiful Alsterån river, several marked trails run along gravel roads and paths with access to shelters with barbecue areas. If you are lucky you may get to see a deer by the road or by the river and if you are really lucky you have the opportunity to see otters, sea eagles, golden eagles and maybe even watch the kingfisher flash by like a blue line.

Lingon och blåbär smålands skogar

Mushrooms & berries

In mushroom and berry times, just bring a basket, bucket and berry picker and head out into one of the fine forests.

We are happy to give you tips and lend equipment to our residents.

Lingon och blåbär smålands skogar

Shelters along Alsterån

Along the Alsterån river scattered along the 15km long Strömfiske Alsterån fishing stretch, there are five shelters with a barbecue area. There is firewood in the shelters (free with a fishing license, otherwise it is possible to swish SEK 50 to 123 132 5224 or pay at the lodge).

Overnight stay costs nothing (firewood only) but please call and let us know so we know which shelters are available.

Anyone who wants can rent a lightweight hammock to hang in or outside the windbreak.

Höneström vandring & cykling

Höneströmsdammen - pond Höneström

Around the pond there is a nice marked up hiking loop of about 30 minutes. You start from the parking lot at Järnladan and those who want can add a nice detour to the ravine Uvaklöva.

For a longer hike it is perfect to continue the trip along the river upstreams along a marked trail.

Framtidsleden cykel vandring

Framtidsleden - Future trail

Framtidsleden is a 38km long trail tur which goes through Älghult, Målerås and Alstermo.

The trail passes Höneström and follows a part of Alsterån.