Nature reserve

Visit one of our nature reserves

In Uppvidinge alone, there are as many as 20 nature reserves with different character. We recommend those closest to us, but more information is available on Uppvidinge municipality's website: Nature reserve in Uppvidinge

And at the County Administrative Board Kronoberg: Nature reserve destination

We are happy to give tips about the different places and information is available.

Lunch package/Picnic basket

For our residents, we are happy to arrange a packed lunch or picnic basket to bring on the trip.

Våraskruv Nature reserve

Impressive old oaks, a fantastic meadow flora with orchids such as Dactylorhiza sambucina, Mountain Arnica etc. Hiking trails are marked through the pasture and around Våraskruvsjön. Fishing licenses and boat rentals are available with us at Vidinge Gård.

See more here Fishing

Våraskruv naturreservat
Ravinen naturreservat

Ravinen - The Ravine

The Ravine nature reserve is the area in and around a 200 m long, 25 m wide and at most 12 m deep fault crack. Below the steeply sloping rock walls there are landslides of blocks and stones that partially cover the entire slope. The rock in Ravinen is a so-called Småland porphyry.

Kärngöl naturreservat

Kärngöl - Core pond

Kärngöl area consists of hills with old, primeval coniferous forest, wetlands, pine swamp forests and ponds