Järnladan - Höneström

Höneström by the beautiful Alsterån

Höneströms history

Höneström is a cultural area from the end of the 18th century when Orrefors Mill started producing iron on the site.

In Smedstugan (Smith cottage), today also called Jaktstugan (Hunting cottage), was the mill office. In Järnboden/ Järnladan (Iron barn), the forged iron was stored. For a short period 1913 - 1917 a frame saw was operated at the site.

In the 1930s and 1980s, Jaktstugan was used as a hunting cottage by the elite in Swedish business, artists, designers and royalty.

Höneström today

Today the area belongs to Uppvidinge municipality and is leased by us at Vidinge Gård.

We use Järnladan today for fishing meetings,  parties and events for groups and companies. We have catering rights and can either deliver food from the lodge or set up a barbecue and organize the party on site. We also have alcohol serving rights for catering.

It is also possible to rent Järnladan for daytime use, overnight stays are not allowed in the cottage.

For those who are interested, we are happy to organize with a guided tour in Smedstugan / Jaktstugan.

There are also cultural relics in the area around Höneström, a pleasant walking trail around the dam and a trip to the glacial river gorge Uvaklöva / Ulvaklöva can be recommended.

Fishing in the pond is part of Strömfiske Alsterån and fishing licenses are sold by us at Vidinge Gård.

For beginners or groups we can arrange courses and guidance and we also have equipment for rent.

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